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Kent Police Weather Related Alert

By Lisa Johnson Horton Kirby & South Darenth Parish Council

Tuesday, 21 June 2022


Horton Kirby & South Darenth Parish Council Contributor


The warmer weather and lighter nights will appeal to some to trespass on privately owned land to reach a water source. We are very lucky to have such beautiful destinations within our district., but entering onto these area's comes with risks.

Many of our Lakes, Rivers and Quarries have signs around them, to notify people, the dangers of swimming, having BBQ's and trespassing on the land.

I would highly advise these locations are not accessed due to the dangers and multiple safety risk, to yourself and others.

The Dangers from entering these locations and swimming could be:

· The water can be very deep

· The water is cold and could cause your body to have a reaction and go into stock or hypothermia

· There could be unknown abandoned submerged items/machinery

· There may be hidden currents and Tunnel, which you could get caught in.

· Submerged plants, you could get caught in one of the plants and struggle

· You do not know what is at the bottom, there could be dead animals and rubbish

· In some places there can be dangerous Algae, which can be toxic towards humans and animals

If you have anyone within your household than is leaving the property with items that indicate they might be going to meet friends for a swim, please ask them where they are going.

If they mention any location where there is water, remind them of the dangers. That they could be trespassing on private land and that local PCSO's and PC's will be patrolling such areas and if any person is caught, they will be dealt with accordingly.

Those who are parents, please do not drive your child to these areas because they have told you they are aloud there. What I recommend is, research the place they have mentioned, to find out if its open to the public and if swimming is aloud. In most cases you will find it is private land, access and swimming is forbidden.

We do not want to spoil anyone's fun, but there are some serious dangers from entering and swimming in these areas.

Please keep yourself and other safe.

Thank you

Yasmin (YEO)

Message Sent By
Yasmin Papworth
(Kent Police, PCSO Youth Engagement Officer, Sevenoaks Community Safety Team Unit)

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Lisa Johnson

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