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Coronavirus - please check our 'News' section for the latest notices, guidelines and contact details.

From Monday 19th April 2021, the Parish Office will open as before on Mondays and Fridays only between 9.00am-12.30pm

Covid-19 secure guidelines must be followed:

Please wear a mask unless exempt

Hand sanitiser will be available

1 person at a time in the Office 

If you would like to purchase rubbish/recycling/garden bags you may wish to either call on 01322 865193 or email ( to prearrange a pick up time.  Cash to be in a secure envelope, please advise in advance if you would like a receipt.  

Westminster Field - Gate Closing Times - 1st April - 30th September

Please note that the car park gate is locked every evening at 7pm and re-opened again at 7am the following morning.

Westminster Field and the Heathside Toilets

The disabled toilet lock has been changed so that anyone can use them and all toilets are open daily between April and September. The toilets are cleaned in line with Covid-19 secure Government guidelines.

What does the Parish Council do?

Horton Kirby and South Darenth Parish Council is made up of 9 Councillors who live locally. They are voted into their posts by the electorate of the Parish, or co-opted, to form a Council which endeavours to make decisions in the interests of the local community. Councillors are not paid but volunteer their time to serve our villages. Parish Council meetings are open to the public and the ‘minutes’ which record the business and decisions can be found on the Council’s website. You can also read them in the Parish Office.

The Parish Council receives a ‘Precept’ (a calculation of money) from Sevenoaks District Council which SDC collects as part of your Council Tax. With this money the Parish Council pays for many of the facilities that we enjoy as a community and for which it has responsibility.

The Parish Council owns and maintains the following land and buildings:

  • The Village Hall & Jubilee Hall
  • Heathside
  • Westminster Field including the Pavilion
  • Public Toilets
  • Hundred Year Wood
  • Burial Ground
  • Garden of Remembrance
  • Paper Mill Green
  • Shrubbery Road green space
  • Glebe Place green space
  • Allotments
  • 97 Streetlights
  • Dog bins

Adopted areas of responsibility are the play areas at Saxon Place and Shrubbery Road and some of the KCC owned verges. Some pathways are maintained by the Parish Council but the majority are either looked after by Kent County Council or private landowners.

97 streetlights (and their running costs) fall under the Parish Council’s care across the Parish with others being maintained by KCC or local management groups.

All this responsibility does mean that the Council is kept busy ensuring their administration is executed properly and within budget whilst keeping up to date with changes and plans from District and County statutory bodies such as Sevenoaks District Council, Kent County Council and Kent Police.

You are always welcome to attend meetings, visit or call the Parish Office or get in touch with your local Councillors with ideas, concerns or information that you feel is important. You can find on this website and on the village noticeboards Agendas for meetings. Dates for upcoming meetings and Agendas can also be found on the website.

Horton Kirby & South Darenth Parish Council Home