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Horton Kirby & South Darenth Parish Council

Agenda and Minutes 2019

PC January 2020 agenda.pdf PC-January-2020-agenda.pdf 104.1 KB PC Dec Draft Mins 2019.pdf PC-Dec-Draft-Mins-2019.pdf 99.4 KB PC December 2019 agenda.pdf PC-December-2019-agenda.pdf 111.7 KB HR Minutes for publication Dec 19.pdf HR-Minutes-for-publication-Dec-19.pdf 104.2 KB HR December 2019.pdf HR-December-2019.pdf 73.4 KB PC Nov 19 Minutes.pdf PC-Nov-19-Minutes.pdf 98.9 KB PC Agenda Nov 19.pdf PC-Agenda-Nov-19.pdf 109.2 KB PC Oct Minutes 19.pdf PC-Oct-Minutes-19.pdf 98.4 KB PC October 2019 agenda.pdf PC-October-2019-agenda.pdf 110 KB PC Sept Minutes 19.pdf PC-Sept--Minutes-19.pdf 101 KB PC Sept 2019 agenda.pdf PC-Sept-2019-agenda.pdf 105 KB PC July 19.pdf PC-July-19.pdf 587.2 KB PC July 2019 agenda.pdf PC-July-2019-agenda.pdf 82.3 KB PC Minutes June 19.pdf PC-Minutes-June-19.pdf 100.8 KB PC June 2019 agenda.pdf PC-June-2019-agenda.pdf 83.3 KB ANNUAL MTG of PC May 2019.pdf ANNUAL-MTG-of-PC-May-2019.pdf 269.7 KB AM of PC Minutes May 19.pdf AM-of-PC-Minutes-May-19.pdf 193.1 KB ANNUAL PARISH MEETING May 2019.pdf ANNUAL-PARISH-MEETING-May-2019.pdf 258.3 KB PC April 2019 agenda.pdf PC-April-2019-agenda.pdf 82.4 KB PC April 19 minutes.pdf PC-April-19-minutes.pdf 93.3 KB PC March 19 Minutes.pdf PC-March-19-Minutes.pdf 91.9 KB PC March agenda.pdf PC-March-agenda.pdf 77.3 KB PC Feb 19.pdf PC-Feb-19.pdf 88.1 KB PC February 2019 agenda.pdf PC-February-2019-agenda.pdf 77.4 KB PC January 2019 agenda.pdf PC-January-2019-agenda.pdf 86.1 KB Draft Minutes Jan 19.pdf Draft-Minutes-Jan-19.pdf 327.8 KB