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Activities in our Village Halls

Please see below for information on activities that are held in our Village Halls. Unfortunately, not all the activities are running at the moment due to COVID-19. Please use the contact details below, to find out whether the group you are interested in is currently running during the pandemic. 


Bushin Kenpo Martial Arts & Self Defence Classes - Village Hall Thursday 8.00pm-10.00pm

Thursday's Bushin Warriors, 8pm to 9pm. Adults, 8pm to 9.45pm.

Beginners and experienced martial artists welcome, first month's lessons free.

Contact Details: 
Email: info@bushinkenpokai.co.uk
Tel: 01322 761012
Website: www.bushinkenpokai.org


South Darenth Short Mat Bowling Club  - Village Hall Wednesday 1.45pm - 4.00pm

Meets all year round in the Village Hall on Wednesday afternoons 1.45 pm; beginners welcome. For further details, please contact Mrs Daphne Clarke (via the Parish Office on 01322 865193).


HK & SD LOCAL HISTORY SOCIETY - Jubilee Hall Monday 8.00pm

Meets bi-monthly in Jubilee Hall

January, March, May, July, September and November

Meetings on 2nd Monday (except May - 3rd Monday)

Start 8pm



Membership £7 (single) or £10 (couple)

Visitors always welcome (£2)

Publications on sale in Parish Office

For further details, please contact Terry Moyles - trenoweth@btinternet.com.


NEW MONDAY CLUB - Village Hall Monday 1.45pm-3.00pm

Our mother and toddler group is the New Monday Club.

0-5 we have a craft, slide equipment, lots of bikes and toys, playdoh table dressing up and more.

A place for mums to meet new friends, while children play.

Soft drinks and biscuits for children.

And cakes for mums with their tea and coffee.

Ending session with singing.

1.45-3pm £2.50.

For further details, please contact Debbie Lines - debbielines1234@gmail.com.


The Valley Players

The Valley Players was started in 1949 but the origins are rather lost in the mists of time. As far as we know they were based at the old Sutton-At-Hone village Hall and when that hall was rebuilt in 1978, Valley Players made a donation of £50.

From 1949 to 1951 a series of one act plays were presented although we have no record of which plays these were, but we know that in 1952 "Easy Money" was the first multi-act play performed. That year there was just the one play but commencing in 1953 most years saw a Spring and Autumn production.

During 1979 rehearsals were a the Fleetdown Community Centre, presumably while the rebuilding was going on.

Around 1980, because there was no stage at Sutton-At-Hone Village Hall, Valley Players moved to Horton Kirby & South Darenth Village Hall. An item in the accounts for that year was £3 for the hire of a lorry, possibly to transport the props to the new hall.

Between November 1977 and March 1987 Sutton Court was used for rehearsals for reasons of cost.

The group have always donated money to the Cancer Research Campaign and raised many thousands of pounds over the years, receiving certificates of thanks from the local representative from the charity.

Around 1996 Valley Players joined force with the Women's Institute who produced the Village Pantomime each year and we have gradually taken over this production on behalf of them. In fact, since 2015 this has been our only annual production due to a reduction in the numbers of members and rising costs of producing plays but we hope to revive the production of plays in the near future.

We are a friendly group (yes, I know they ALL say that but we really are) and it really is fun to do. you don't have to "tread the boards" if you don't want to, there is always room for back stage folks making props and scenery, making teas on performance nights, prompting during performances and we usually find time for a relaxing drink at a local hostelry afterwards, not to mention a meal out a couple times per year.

Meeting generally start in September onwards at the Jubilee Hall so if you fancy yourself as a thespian, do come along.

Details of meetings will be publicised once confirmed. 

For further details, please contact Mike Crook - mdcrook@hotmail.co.uk.


Yoga  - Jubilee Hall Tuesday 10.30am-11.30am

Preparation for Autumn

The last time I wrote this we were talking about alleviating the stress of BREXIT. Who knew we would have something far more serious, just around the corner to contend with! The Corona Virus has made everyone stop in their tracks, and for some it has been a time full of anxiety. Yoga can be something that is always there for you in times of need. Here’s how it works;

What are Asana (yoga postures)?

Yoga back bends seek to stretch the chest and liberate the front of the body relieving stress.

Standing poses strengthen the body and invite a courageous outlook on life. They can be dynamic or static (moving in and out of the postures vs staying in pose for longer). 

One-legged balances are effective in throwing challenges in our path to get us out of our comfort zone and keep our mind active.  Examples include vrksasana/tree pose, and the ultimate heart opening standing balance natarajasana/lord of the dance pose.  

Side angle poses and twists are wonderful for creating lateral space around the chest to aid breathing and digestion cycles. They also work towards releasing emotional knots or tension.

Inversions and arm balances: Inversions are go-to postures for balancing us, as well as their purpose of allowing the internal organs to get out of any stagnant positions and defy gravity for a while.  Arm balances, if they are a part of your practice, are strong, and core activating. More moderate, but still very effective inversions include ardha pincha mayurasana/dolphin or even a simple uttanasana/standing forward fold which is very effective in aiding sluggish digestion.  

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word for breath focused practices which are recommended for balancing. They stimulate respiration, circulation and remove any stagnation or congestion in the body or mind.

Meditation is practiced for balancing us too. One example of how this works is by using images such as the rising or setting sun, movement in nature (e.g. wind through trees) or simply an expansive blue sky, all of which can help in the practice of detachment, recommended for imbalances.

Relaxing in Savasana is an important part of a yoga practice. This is lying down and resting all the systems in the body.

Now you know a little more about yoga, and how it works, I hope to see you in class very soon.  

To start energising, revitalising and feeling full of health, join us at: Jubilee hall…Horton Kirby.

Email for all the details:  northkentyoga@gmail.com

Please note: I can no longer accept drop in, pay-as-you-go. Please contact me first for all the joining instructions. Your first class will be free. We have limited spaces left, so don’t delay!

For further details, please contact Caroline Stuart on redbridgeyoga@gmail.com.


Horton Kirby & South Darenth WI

We are still here and supporting our members through these strange times! Usually we meet every third Thursday of the month at the Village Hall (7.30pm) but this has been impossible during the Covid restrictions in 2020. So, have we all sat home and done nothing? No, we have been very busy.

We have:

Knitted jumpers for Africa.

Knitted and crocheted hearts, trauma teddies & bonding squares for hospitals.

Made scrub bags and face masks.


We have run:

Zoom meetings for the committee.

Online book groups.

The walking group have met.

The committee have phoned our members and taken small gifts and postcards to cheer their day.

We have organised Cream Tea in a box for all members, some taking it home and 28 socially distanced ladies met in Heathside on one of the hottest days of the year to enjoy their tea and chat.

We have sent newsletters with stories, quizzes and such to all members on a regular basis.


We had planned to restart our meetings in September but latest Government guidance has forestalled that for the moment but we will be back and we will have a different type of “meeting” as soon as we can get one organised because WE ARE THE WI!

Don’t sit at home and feel alone. Come and join us, you will be most welcome!

Stay safe and it will be lovely to meet members new and old as soon as we are able to do so.


For further details, please contact Pauline Rowley (the President) on 01322 869556.


Falcons Table Tennis Club - Village Hall Wednesday 7.30pm

We are looking for players of all abilities to join the club for league table tennis matches. 

Why not come along and give it a try!

For further details, please contact Chris Mitchell - cdm359@btinternet.com.


Kung Fu Academies - Village Hall Tuesday 6.15pm-9pm

Kung Fu classes for all ages. 

Self-defence, fitness, martial arts, perseverance.

For further details, please contact Lewis Muir on 07547 732382.


Riverside Kindergarten Pre-School - Village Hall Monday-Friday 9.15am

We are an established Pre-school set in a semi-rural location. We provide education and care for children aged 2-5 years. 

For further details, please contact Trish Friday - trishfriday@hotmail.com.


Befriending Group - Jubilee Hall Tuesday 2pm-4pm

For further details, please contact Kay Green - green9hy@gmail.com.


Horton Kirby Dog Training Club (HKDTC) - Jubilee Hall Wednesday 7.00pm-10.00pm

HKDTC are committed to teach you how to build a great partnership training with your dogs, using fun and motivational techniques. 

For further details, please contact Sally Turner - devonvixen@icloud.com.


Village Garden Club - Village Hall 7.30pm (every 3rd Monday)

For further details, please contact Peter Bradley - bradleyforgelane@btopenworld.com.


Village Charity Quizzes - Village Hall

Held on some Friday evenings throughout the year. 

For further details, please contact David Crowhurst - david_crowhurst@hotmail.com.